The Schwab Network™ Social Media Community

Charles Schwab Media Productions Company ("Media Company," "we" or "us") creates audio, visual, audio-visual, textual, photographic, other multimedia content about financial and market news, education, and newsworthy related issues, under the "Schwab Network"-brand ("SCHN"), and distributes that content through a variety of channels, including on social media platforms to engage with viewers.

The Media Company is a subsidiary of The Charles Schwab Corporation. Schwab Network cannot provide account support. If you're a Schwab client and have questions about your account or need assistance with an account transaction, please call Schwab directly at 800-435-4000, or visit

We encourage everyone participating in our social communities to act in good faith. Please don't post unlawful, offensive, abusive, or profane comments. Post honestly and clearly. Misinformation spreads quickly on social channels, so let's not add to it. Schwab Network goes to great lengths to post accurate information in our channels. We request others to do the same. Make sure as well to keep an eye out. Always be vigilant whenever you are online. Be aware of how user information is shown and used on any social media site you visit. And remember, for your own security, you should never communicate any personal or account information in these social communities.

The social media team at Schwab Network actively manages these channels and engages with the online communities, both publicly and through direct messages. Please understand that Schwab Network reserves the right to remove any content that, in our view violates our community standards or is objectionable.

Privacy and Safety

Please understand that The Charles Schwab Corporation and Schwab Network are not part of X, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedln, or YouTube and have no control over how these and any other third-party sites use the information you share. Whenever you engage with any social media channels, you should be familiar with individual social media site privacy/security policies and how site account settings work. Remain aware of how your information may be displayed and used throughout the site. For your own security, you should never communicate any personal or account information on any social media site. Schwab Network will never request personal information or solicit you through a social media post; if you see activity like this you should not engage. This could be an imposter who created a site to look like Schwab Network.

To learn about how Schwab Network may use information collected by your visit to our website, please read Schwab Network's website Privacy Notice.